Last Minute Beauty Tricks for Prom

Prom is around the corner, and the last thing you want is a beauty emergency! We’re here to give you tips and tricks to make sure you avoid day-of disasters, and how to fix an emergency if it happens!

Puffy Eyes

Maybe you’ve been staying up late studying and haven’t been getting your beauty sleep, and now prom is here and your eyes are looking tired and puffy πŸ˜”Β The night before prom, sleep with a couple of pillows to elevate your head, preventing fluid from pooling by increasing circulation. The next morning, use a cooling compression to constrict the blood vessels – you can use spoons chilled in the fridge, a cold wet towel, or cool green tea bags, which have some caffeine as an extra boost!

Prom Day Pimple

Waking up with a pimple on the day of a big event is always the worst! Especially when photos are involved. Besides a variety of store-bought spot treatments (usually that contain benzoyl peroxide), there are a few home remedies you can try to minimize the redness and swelling. You can dab a little bit of plain white toothpaste to help dry it out, or eye drops that reduce redness will also do the same to pimples. Another option is putting a bit of tea tree oil, which is anti-bacterial, directly on the pimple – just make sure to wash it off before you get ready and to not mix with other spot treatments.

Streaky Fake Tan

Getting a fake tan just right can be tough, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting streaky around your hands and other areas. It can take days to go away, so if you need a quick fix, try mixing a bit of fresh lemon juice with baking soda into a paste, and using it as a scrub to help fade away the lines.

Dry Lips

Dry lips are not only uncomfortable, but it can make applying lipstick a nightmare when they’re dry and flaky. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is essential, but using an overnight lip mask the night before prom can make a huge difference – especially if you’re planning to wear a matte lip color! Before you apply the lip mask, use an exfoliator like a sugar scrub or even just brush you lips with a toothbrush so you get the full effect of the mask!


Too Much Perfume

You want to smell amazing for prom, but sometimes it’s easy to over do it with the perfume. A fast and easy fix is to use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe your skin and help the scent evaporate quicker!

Static Hair

Help tame static hair by smoothing it down with a dryer sheet, which you’ll likely have at your house already! It’s a quick fix so your hair stays put during photos!

Our last beauty tip is simple – don’t try any new beauty products close to prom, because you never know how your skin will react, and you don’t want to risk having redness or a rash! Stick to products you know and love and, most importantly, enjoy the day!

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