Paul and Leah’s Wedding Contest Journey: The Ultimate Love Story


Paul and Leah are still going strong on their wedding journey despite an unexpected obstacle. The two won The Ultimate Wedding Contest last December and were eager to start planning their dream wedding. Sadly, Paul’s brain cancer came back in full force. Paul tried to push through it, but the cancer became too intense, causing multiple seizures a day. Of course this meant putting things on hold and pushing back the wedding date a year so that Paul could recover.

The team at The Ultimate was more than willing to accommodate by any means necessary in order to make this couples dream wedding a reality. “They promised to stick with us until the end, promising that this wedding was going to happen no matter what,” the couple said.

Paul underwent six weeks of radiation and endured 42 straight days of chemotherapy. Fortunately, a significant chunk of the tumor was removed while the other half was pummeled by a combination of radiation and chemotherapy. This news brought great relief, despite Paul still having to to complete 12 months of chemo. Although, this has been a very difficult fight for Paul and Leah, they will not let cancer get in the way of the love they share for one another.

“I can not let this cancer stop Leah from wearing a beautiful dress in front of our family and friends,” said Paul.

With the help and support from family, friends and the team at The Ultimate, the couple says they are ready to get back to planning their wedding. “Thank you so much to The Ultimate, and all of the vendors for having our back throughout all of this. I never say that “I am” fighting cancer, I always say “We are”, and now that includes The Ultimate and the amazing vendors,” Paul expressed.

Leah and Paul are set to get married July 2019. We are excited to see everything come together for their big day!


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