The Ultimate Wedding: Evans Flowers & Greenhouses

The Ultimate would like to thank all of our wonderful donors for contributing to such a well deserving couple, Paul & Leah.

Today, we especially want to thank Evans Flowers & Greenhouses!

We were so happy to be able to learn more about Evans Flowers & Greenhouses, and want to share some of their insight into the industry and the history of Evans Flowers & Greenhouses.

A little bit of history:

Evans was established in 1875. It is one of the oldest brick and mortar flower shops in the United States. The owners, Dennis Feld and Michele Miracle-Feld AIFD have owned Evans Flowers since 1984. Bentley and Brinley are their greeters and mascots, who also double as their sweet French Bulldogs!


Wedding 101:

We are booking brides for their initial appointments6-18 months out but recommend that they have their wedding colors and inspiration photos all selected before coming in. A rough budget is a MUST! It is very hard to make recommendations and give ideas without knowing what they have set aside for their floral décor.

Cutting Costs:

Trust the experts! We are easily able to give a bride and groom their desired look and feel without being specific about flower choices. Colors and style are the most important pieces to get that desired look.


Jack-of-all-trades flower:

Roses, roses, roses! They come in so many different colors and can fit almost every wedding theme!


Trending florals:

Every bride is unique so we work with many different styles and designs. However, the most requested flowers tend to be peonies, roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, anemones and eucalyptus.


Flowers by season:

Each season has certain flowers and greenery available. For instance, lilac and blooming branches in the spring and berries and evergreens in the fall and winter.


Sustainable Themes:

Some couples use recycled products, plants and greenery – no plastic. Couples are really starting to care about where their florals are grown and come from.


Installation Trends:

Flower hoops and suspended flower containers. These trends are complimented with pastel color choices such as white, dusty blue, grey tones, peach, blush and sage, which can be nicely mixed with bolder colors. Additional popular details include twinkle lights and unique arches decorated with greenery and flowers for ceremonies.


Make them last a lifetime:

Preserving bouquets is very popular. Many people still press flowers, however, there are new technologies out there that use processes like freeze drying to preserve the look and shape of the flowers. Visit Legends Floral Preservation for more information about preservation.


The Ultimate is proud to highlight all of our donors for The Ultimate Wedding. Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs featuring our generous donors!

And learn more about Paul and Leah’s journey to the Ultimate Wedding in our last post.

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