The Ultimate Wedding: Boxed Wedding Invitations

The Ultimate is honored to feature our invitations donor, Boxed Wedding Invitations this week! We cannot wait for The Ultimate Wedding for Paul and Leah. Until then, we are excited to share insight into Boxed Wedding Invitations and the wedding invitations industry.

Tell us where it all began: 
It started with my wedding. It was all because I wanted luxury, unique and one of a kind wedding invitations.
Are your invitations actually handmade?
Yes. All of them!
Tell us about the process of designing a handmade invitation.
a. Kind of paper
b. Fabrics
c. Sizing
d. Color palette
I always listen to the couple’s vision. When it comes to the type of paper I use, I’m the one making that decision as the couples trust me. If they are looking for a more traditional look and minimalist, I always suggest cotton paper (if the budget allows). If they are looking for luxury invitations, foil is always a must so I choose a more smooth maybe even metallic paper.
The colors are dictated by the couple and based on that I try to design the prettiest invitation there is!
Money Moves:
Some of them can go as high as $20,000 but it all depends on the quantity and what they choose. Different types of printing are more expensive (e.g. foil stamp, letterpress etc).
On average, 75 invitations start at $500 and up.
How long does it take to do 150 invitations?
I run a pretty big business. I’m the creative designer. I have another graphic designer and an illustrator in house. I also own a very high end line of equipment and we produce almost 100% of the jobs in house so turn around can be quick if needed but sometimes it takes up to 2 months if the design is very complex.
What sets Boxed Wedding Invitations apart?
 I’m only limited by my imagination. I love designing and I consider myself a trend setter. My invitations made it all the way to Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCarthy, Stella McCarthy etc.
Let’s Talk Trends:
For the Boston brides the most popular trend and style is “minimalism” for the west coast brides, FL and NY want all the bells and whistles. There’s no such thing as minimalism.
The most popular colors for weddings are nudes, blush, ivory.
2020 vision – what’s next for invitations?
Suede invitations, die cut invitations.
(Nobody wants regular invitations anymore)
What has been your most unique invitation?
Every time I design a die cut invitation in a cool shape I think it’s unique.
Check out the amazing design for Paul and Leah’s wedding invitations!
 With the Ultimate Wedding right around the corner, we are so happy to share about the amazing things our donors are doing! You can learn more about the lucky couple and find more donor insights on our blog.

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