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This week the Ultimate is featuring Tesoro Boston! Tesoro Boston is the jewelry donor for the Ultimate Wedding and Paul and Leah. Thank you Tesoro Boston for being a donor, and we were so happy to be able to learn more about you and your business!


Tell us about your love story!

We met through mutual friends who thought we would be perfectly suited for one another and they couldn’t have been more right! As it turns out, we weren’t only suited to be partners in life, but also partners in business as well and Tesoro Boston was born! We love to share our love for jewelry, creativity and our passion for life’s most special moments with our clients. Jewelry is all about sentiment and emotion. Creating this business together allows us to a part of those special moments in their lives. What a fantastic journey it has been!

Tesoro is Treasure:

In Italian, the word Tesoro means “treasure”. It’s also used as a term of endearments between loved ones. Given the precious value of jewelry, both in terms of love, sentiment and traditional value, we felt the two meanings of the word couldn’t be more perfectly suited to our vibe! Treasure and affection, can you think of a more perfect name for our company? We couldn’t!

What was your vision for Tesoro?

We appreciated the beauty that a classic jewelry store provides, and that’s selection. But for some people, that selection can be overwhelming. Where do you start looking? Which pieces can I afford?  And most importantly, you’re forced to choose from what’s available.

We’ve changed that model. By building upon a curated inventory of timeless classics that you can walk in and buy, to the option of creating something original, we have you covered AND we’ve left enough room for creativity!  We can create you a piece that has personal meaning and looks EXACTLY the way you were envisioning it!

What sets you apart?

Our Diamond and Design Bar!  It’s completely original, welcoming and fun!  Add to that, the ability to choose how you want your jewelry buying experience to feel, true personal shopping, or creating…that’s what sets us apart.  We have the classics in store and in-stock, but you aren’t penalized if you want to be a part of the creative process. Custom jewelry is not a luxury at Tesoro Boston, it’s an affordable and exciting experience.

Tell us a little about what conflict free diamonds mean, what does certified mean, what are lab grown diamonds and how did they differ in price and/or value and do you recycle metals?

Conflict free diamonds has become an industry-wide standard. We follow the Kimberly Process and those guidelines guarantee that we offer our clients conflict-free diamonds.

Building on that, we take it a step farther by offering our client’s, depending on their needs and desires, diamonds sourced from Canadian mines as well as being one of the first jewelers and most experienced jewelry in the Boston area to offer sustainable and conflict free Laboratory Grown Diamonds.  We make it our priority to understand the market and grow with technology and sustainable practices so we can always offer the most current information and advice.

Do you design your own jewelry?

Yes! It’s one of our calling cards here at Tesoro Boston! Along with the classics that we have all come to know and love, we offer customized, made-to order jewelry as well as true custom designed jewelry.  We can combine ideas and with our expertise, the possibilities are endless.

“Re-Imagining Your Jewelry”

At Tesoro Boston, we LOVE to incorporate jewelry you already own into a new piece! We call this process “Re-Imagining Your Jewelry”.  It’s a process where we take an inherited or out-of-date piece of jewelry and re-imagine it into something new!  Client’s schedule a session at our Diamond and Design Bar where we design, collaborate and create together.  We turn those inherited gemstones or diamonds into a new, heirloom piece of jewelry!

Thank you for being a part of the Ultimate Wedding – tell us a little about your time with Paul and Leah!

It was a pleasure getting to know Paul and Leah!  They are a great young couple and were an absolute joy to work with.  Paul was thrilled to select his custom made Platinum Wedding Band to represent their eternal love.  Paul chose the precious metal “Platinum” to match Leah’s Engagement Ring and Wedding Band.  A perfect match – just like them!  We have all been touched in some way by cancer, and David and I were touched by Paul’s fight, positivity and fortitude!  We can only imagine how trying this can be for them as they plan their young lives together as a couple. Witnessing first hand Paul and Leah’s resilience and positivity in such challenging circumstances was simply fantastic! David and I were happy to play a small part in their wedding celebration. We wish them both a long, loving and bright future ahead! Cheers to the happy couple!

Follow along with us every week on the Ultimate blog as we share insights of all the donors contributing to The Ultimate Wedding. Click here to learn about our Ultimate Wedding winners, Paul and Leah!

xoxo, The Ultimate


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