The Ultimate Wedding: Benjamin Walk Shoes

The bridesmaids and bride of the Ultimate Wedding all strutted down the aisle in gorgeous Benjamin Walk shoes that were perfect for the aisle as well as the dance floor! This week we are talking about Benjamin Walk, and we can’t wait to share all the details about this wonderful donor!

A walk down memory lane:

Benjamin Walk has been in continuous operation for over 100 years and just over 30 years as a family owned business under Ed Rene. We are the world leader in dyeable white satin shoes and a leading distributor of special occasion shoes throughout the US .


What are your most popular styles?

Queenie, Jane, Lena, Rhyan


What is the most popular color?



What is your best advice for buying shoes, if you can’t try them on first?

Pay attention to the width in addition to size- we offer many styles in wide width which can offer much greater comfort.


What if it’s not the perfect fit?

When shoes are a bit too big, try adding a halter to snug up the fit. There isn’t much you can do with shoes that are too small.


Tell us a little about trends for 2019-2020 for weddings – in colors and materials

  1. For bridal shoes- ivory and champagne colors remain popular for brides along with classic closed toe pumps
  2. For bridesmaids- silver sandals remain popular but many bridesmaids are wearing shoes that match the color of their dresses
  3. For Moms of bride- wedges and comfort features are really popular, but they still want fashion and jewels.
  4. Should bridal and bridesmaid shoes match the dress? Yes, particularly bridesmaid shoes which should match the dress. Matching shoes look so much better in photos and help complete the color coordination most brides want for a wedding.


What is the outrageous shoe that you carry – do you have a picture?

Carmine from Johnathan Kayne is a fairly outrageous shoe and we do have a picture 

What is the best way to maintain the life of your shoes?

Clean feet before wearing will help reduce the wear and tear on the footbed of the shoes. Rain and stain dramatically helps the longevity of our dyeable satin shoes. 


Lastly, here’s a peek at the gorgeous shoes that the bridal party and bride wore on the day of!


Thank you Benjamin Walk for being a part of The Ultimate Wedding! See more vendors articles on our blog. Click here to learn more about our Ultimate Wedding winners, and as always you can shop on the Ultimate website for gorgeous dresses for any occasion!

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